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Thicas introduces an innovative concrete solutions
for flooring and wall covering

This innovative interior decorative polished concrete floor planks has a smoked white oak, and a combination oak top layer backed on concrete. This attractive, real concrete finish shows the irregularities and characteristics of a typical polished concrete floor. The planks are 120 x 30 x 1.4 cm, micro beveled and engineered to an exceptionally high standard.


The Thinnest Concreate Wall Panel.

Concreate wall panels measure 120 x 60 x 0.4 cm and are very lightweight. They can easily be cut with a sharp blade and can be installed with Concreate Wall Adhesive on any flat surface.

Concreate thicas interiors

What is it made from?

There are 2 layers of concrete. The base layer makes up 75% of the plank, which is magnesium oxide cement with layers of recycled textile. This gives the base a pliable strength. The top layer is a micro fiber concrete, air cured and finished with 3 coats of high solid natural oil.

    The only hybrid tongue & groove floor system in the industry

We took this innovation one step further by integrating a prefinished wood top layer mounted over the same mineral cement board that fits with the Concreate floor planks seamlessly. This creates the ability to combine both concrete and wood floor planks next to each other with virtually no offset.

Smooth neat transition from Concrete to Wood floor planks.
Fire & Water resistant, ideal for all rooms.
Extremely durable and suitable for common areas.



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Bolefloor curved flooring meets the true definition of unique – each floorboard is as individual as the tree it came from. No two Bolefloors are alike.

Bolefloor offers a design solution for most any locations: residences, commercial spaces or retail environments. Bolefloors work in any setting where intimate, natural, and individual interiors are desired.
But there’s no law a Bolefloor has to be a floor — the technology has been used to create walls and even ceilings. Let your imagination be the limit.


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THICAS introduces its very special wood flooring collections from Spain

THICAS introduces its very special wood flooring collection from Spain,
which combines elegance with cutting-edge glue less technology.
Creativity, passion and love for technology applied to design. This is the thought that moves us towards solutions which combine elegance and technological skills.We provide materials with unique characteristics and effects:
Wood several essences modulated on a variety of formats: From planks with contemporary taste to new formats that allow special layouts and original combinations, available in various thicknesses to make also renovations easier.Design, Deco and Mosaic reveal geometries and soft lines to enhance cozy spaces.

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Pure wood innovation for Residential Solutions

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Thicas focus on sourcing natural wood flooring and features BOLEFLOOR which gives planks a natural shape. This unusual wavy floor is naturally curved hardwood and is available in oak, ash, walnut. As BOLEFLOOR so astutely states (bole meaning ‘trunk of a tree’ in Dutch): “Life is not a straight line”. So why should your floor be?

     What are the options available for you?
  • Oak, Ash, Walnut
  • Solid or engineered wood
  • Natural or rustic grades
  • Oil or natural finishes
  • Deeply beveled or not
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor



The BOLEFLOOR look has found its way into CONTEMPORARY designs.

Eclectic mix of RUSTIC  & CLASSIC



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Cement Tiles is not just a tile made with cement. It beautifies floors and walls, indoors and outdoors, homes and offices towards sustainability.




The Hexagon Inspirations. Express your tile style with hexagons! A blast from the past, this traditional shape is reanimated by dynamic colorways and patterns and offers the perfect geometric look to breathe life into your next tile design.



Hexagonal Art Design
Available in various colors

Aqua Mixed Hexagons                                                          Boheme Pattern Hexagons
Hexagons are here to stay!



Tile to wood transitions.
Experiment how Tiles & Wood work and match together.
Thicas recommends and supplies the smartest solutions for your interiors.

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