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Modern Classical Sofas


THICAS inspires you with 3 MODERN CLASSICAL Sofa & Armchair Collections
We aim to a constant search for tasteful and snug shapes, flawless finishes, noble materials and a meticulous crafting, to give life to sustainable pieces. Intended for furnishing and decorating spaces, our handmade sofa and armchair selection is dedicated to relaxing and lounging, while combining durability, coziness and functionality.
With a wide range of fabrics, leathers or synthetics, the Sophisticated Curves Collection can also be combined with different woodbase finishes lacquer or natural and matching or contrast color zipper hidden bindings. It is produced in different options to match every mood ideas according to the space: Amrchair, Love seat, 3 Seater sofa and Meridienne.


The Classical Chesterfield sofa collection is presented in a solid wooden board, with American Walnut veneer, together with black lacquered iron feet. Classic details meld with contemporary design for an elegant touch, to perfectly fit all kind of facilities, waiting room, reception areas, home space.


Each of these modern pieces can be personalized in one solid color, or blocked in two colors whether exterior and front in one color and interior in contrast or exterior fabric different from inner one. Creating a unique product made to order to meet the customer’s needs and space.