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100% Natural stone covering


THICAS features the world’s thinnest translucent
natural stone covering
Smart stylish stone coverings expert creates natural stone veneers by transferring the stone layer on to a transparent fiberglass sheet, using a strong adhesive.
The translucent and natural solution looks stunning and can be apply on a multiple kind of materials and supports.

Unlimited possibilities

Flexible, light and thin stone veneer made from the combination of natural stone and German patent technology. Extremely versatile in use and easy to install, the benefits of this innovative material include unlimited application possibilities for retail display, decorative accents, wall and furniture covering.

Unique Flexibility & Attributes
The unique pliability attribute allows the veneer to easily cover curved shapes as well as large and small surfaces.
Besides, it possesses water, sun, thermal resistance properties and creates tough moisture barriers to last high quality.

Color & Texture Variations

Veneer sheets are made from natural stones using all the unique colors and textures found in every layer of these sedimentary stones.
Accordingly, each sheet of S-Tilestone will vary in color, texture, hue and pattern the same way natural slates and micas do. Since it is a natural stone veneer, color and texture variances are not defects within the material, but are inherent to it and reflect its natural beauty.

Custom Matching

We offer the possibility to custom design the color, pattern and texture of the veneer.

Kitchen Counter – CST14 Cosmic Black
Wall Art – CST16 Autumn
Table, CST03 Wavey White

Wall Art – CST16 Autumn
Wall Frame – CST19 Brick Red