Design, Furniture, Outdoor, Parasols

Thicas presents innovative and contemporary parasols for an inspirational addition to any outdoor setting that requires shade from the sun, bringing a playful & alluring touch to any scene or situation. 


TAHITI. Enjoy our brand new tropical design under this colorful, elegant, waterproof parasol to brighten up your terrace! A touch of magic which gives you that holiday feeling and makes everybody so happy!
BREEZER. What happens when you mix an ordinary laundry carousel with a piece of art like ‘The Gates’ by Christo? You end up with a pure innovative garden terrace parasol concept which plays with wind, movement and light.
FROU FROU. Close your eyes and listen breeze dancing to the rhythm of the wind. Get the Mediterranean feeling with the exotic Frou Frou Parasol, a contemporary object that decorates your terrace and brings a new sensory experience: Watch, stroke and listen.
SOLIS. Check out this 4 design awards parasol with extraordinary, architectural charisma. Extremely handy than even a child can easily open and close the Solis without using any extra force.
GULLIVER. By using waterproof fabrics, this umbrella shape sunshade can be used over sunny and rainy days. It also creates an ideal fancy smoking point outside bars and cafés.
THE COUPE BASE. Give your fantasy full scope and fill your Coupe to your heart’s content with champagne on a bed of ice or with beautiful flowers that make your garden even more attractive. The possibilities are endless.